I have paid attention to the creative spark throughout my life whether in the classroom as a teacher, wife and mother to three sons or, while caring for hospital patients and their families. Art heals, nurtures, soothes, inspires and at times challenges. Art in many forms connects us with others, brings a smile to our face or brings us to tears.

I believe that art is universal in its intervention for healing the spirit and has the capacity to change the way we view the world and ourselves in it.  In the encaustic process, the wax goes through several transformations—from solid to soft and to solid again. The process itself reflects the possibility for interior transformation between the artist and viewer and I am reminded of the creative force or fire within that we as artists often experience when we work.

My work has been described as unique, organic and intriguing. As a mixed media artist I discovered that encaustic brought dimension to my work where layering of wax and pigment gave a luminous quality of depth and transparency. This wonderful medium creates endless artistic possibilities where hot wax, pigment and heat come together. Encaustic is a process that is elemental, natural, organic, messy, alive, transparent and experimental often resulting in the unexpected. I am inspired by many designs and textures of nature; black and white photography; objects I see in my environment; travels taken; and words of those who have inspired me.

I have come to appreciate and honor the work of honeybees, acknowledging that even the shape of the hexagon within the honeycomb is known for it’s structural properties of strength, efficiency and connectedness, qualities that I value.  Artists Tara Donovan, Andy Goldsworthy, and Kiki Smith inspire and make me think and wonder. I was born in San Diego and received my B.A  in Speech Pathology from San Diego State University and M.A. in Theology from the University of San Diego

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