Josie Rodriguez Studio Workshops 

In my home studio you will learn encaustic in an enjoyable and patient manner, surrounded by natural and colorful surroundings, find your unique creative voice and leave at the end of the day inspired with many examples of your  own work.

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   Students are saying:
      "You are a great teacher"
      "I don't want to leave!"
      "this has been the best class."
      "I love this, so much fun."
      "I will be back to take more classes."
      "I feel like I have walked into magic."
"Thank you for a terrific day of exploring encaustic.  I really wasn't aware of the three dimensional possibilities until you shared your full range of work.  I loved the boxes and the spheres in particular."

"Appreciated your time, knowledge and generosity in sharing all your experiences in this medium."

Experimenting with Encaustic Assemblage

Assemblage is a form of sculpture comprised of "found" objects arranged in such a way that they create a piece. These objects can be anything organic or man-made, recycled or new.  In this very fun class you will create art from discarded objects, boxes, basket material, text, adding wax, amber shellac, transfers, foil etc. You will leave at the end of the day with several examples of your own designs. 
$200 for 4 hour class.

Impressed with Wax
Basic Encaustic Techniques

Explore the magical world of encaustic painting and discover a lost art that has captivated painters for over 2000 years. The transparent and luminous effects of encaustic is often what captures the attention of artists. Encaustic means to “burn or heat” and comes from the Greek, enkaustikos.

During this 5 hour class you will learn the basics of encaustic painting, including history, safety, equipment, building smooth and textured surfaces, photo transfer, carving and incising, layering and collage. Demonstration of techniques will be followed by practice and you will leave at the end of the day with many examples of your own work.

$200 includes five hours of instruction, use of equipment and most supplies. You will leave at the end of the day with many examples of your own encaustic work.

Beneath the Surface—Advanced Encaustic Techniques

For students who are familiar with basic encaustic techniques and want to explore this medium in more depth. 

$200 includes five hours of exploring the limitless possibilities encaustic offers through transferring of images onto a surface, mono printing, texturing and scraping.

Bring 3-4 wood panels no larger than
12x12 inches.

Mark-Making on Paper 
A collaborative workshop with Al and Josie Rodriguez

Learn three new ways of making marks on paper using rusted objects, acrylic inks and glossy paper, sumi and walnut inks with salt. 

4 hour class, all inks and glossy paper supplied.

Bring a pad of 9 x 12, 90 lb., watercolor paper and an apron for the rust and sumi/walnut ink process. 


Painting with Light: Photography and Encaustic

This four hour cass will combine your black and white photo laser images with wax, adding a photo transfer over the waxed image  where beautiful results happen.

In this class you will learn how to transfer your images to the printer, how to print on mulberry, parchment papers and silk, how to best mount your images onto a wood panel, use of other transfer type techniques like gold foil or carbon paper and graphite, and adding color to your images.  

Bring several copies of your black and white images printed on computer paper,. Send me via email copies of mages you would like to use. I will print those out on parchment paper and we will use those to transfer  onto our waxed images.  

$185 includes most materials. Please bring your own cradled wood panels (Arts and Craft Supplies or Dick Blick)

Encaustic Practice Sessions

Do you have an idea brewing or a project that you want to refine and finish?
Work on your own project in my studio where you will receive guidance and individual attention in a supportive environment. Equipment, wax, pigment and tools available for you to use. $45 per hour.

To register for classes, Urban Art Retreats or  gift certificates
please contact Josie


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